Beyond the frame
Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix gallery
6th March -30th April 2020
duo show with Gabriel Esteban Molina
Ph Alexander Christie

Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix is pleased to announce ‘Beyond a frame: presenting images and concepts’, of Alessandro Roma and Gabriel Esteban Molina. The exhibition sheds light on various ways the contemporary artists use a scope of media in presenting images.
Alessandro Roma and Gabriel Esteban Molina may seem to embody antipodes with regard to their artistic practice at first glimpse, the first being a painter trained in the tradition of Italian art school that goes back centuries, and the other a Canadian multimedia artist with focus on moving image and experimental art forms. In contemplating the works of these artists, however, a common and possibly a vital trait across their practice may strike, which is the essential role of the image and how the image serves as vehicles of thoughts, ideas or concepts.
The works in the exhibition use various media, including hand painted books, wood frame screen, textile paintings, and video works, none of which is traditional painting or photography that is rectangular and neatly framed. For each work the media is an integral part as to how the image is presented, and how it is viewed and perceived.