Alessandro Roma (Milano, 1977)
I studied painting at the Accademia di Brera in Milan (1997-2001).
My pictorial approach is anchored in my formal training and years as a painter. In recent years I have delved into different techniques, exploring castings, printing on fabrics, ceramics and collage.   My new repertoire of inner landscapes, arising from both real experiences and literary sources, turning my imagination into something tangible and accessible to the viewer.

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Texts about my work
M. Dacci  Unknown Gaze and About Becoming invisible”2018 test cat Link
I.Biolchini Intervista 2019 Artribune (IT) Link
I.Biolchini  The painting vertigo 2018 text cat. Link
B. Schwabsky  The political garden 2012 text Cat. Link
S. Simoncelli  Swamp, 2016 Testo  Villa Croce Genova Link
S. Bottani  2018 testo Arte Mondadori Link
G. Verzotti  Alessandro Roma al Mart  2011 text Cat Mart link
F. Stocchi  Riconoscimento e mimesi 2011 Text cat Mart LInk
Lucie Fontaine M.Antonini Alessandro Roma Conversation 2011 Link
Annual Magazine interview 2015 Link

Short CV
2019 Duo show with Karine Rougier,  Thalie foundation Brussels (Be) curated by Nathelie Guiot
2018 Vertigo Walking on the edge of the tone MIC International Museum of Ceramics, Faenza (Italy)
curated by I. Biolchini
Process and form House Museum Asger Jorn Albissola (Italy) curated by L. Bochicchio
2017 The vivid dream, Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix gallery, London curated by M. Dacci
2016 Swamp, Villa Croce contemporary art museum in Genoa (Italy), text by S.Simoncelli
2016 One foot in the world and the other one in the stillness Z2o,SaraZanin gallery, Rome (Italy)
2014 Organizzazione organica di forme, Mac, Contemporary art Museum, Lissone (Italy)
2013 Enclosure, Paradise Row gallery, London
2012 Il sole mi costrinse ad abbandonare il giardino,Brand new gallery, Milan (Italy)Cat. text B.Schwabsky
2011 Unfolding the Folds, Galerie Alexandra Saheb, Berlin
2011 Humus, Museum Mart Rovereto I, curated by G.Verzotti, Rovereto (Italy)
2011 Sites of action, Scaramouche gallery, New York
2009 Vicarius, Galerie Alexandra Saheb, Berlin
2008 Il sogno è anche un luogo ideale per il desiderio di giustizia, Lucie Fontaine, Milan, Italy
2007 Alessandro Roma, Galerie Alexandra Saheb Berlin
2005 Alessandro Roma, Gallery Marabini, Bologna, (Italy)
2004 Alessandro Roma, Gallery Artra, Milan

2019 Silenzio, mi ritiro a dipingere un quadro Renata Fabbri gallery Milan curated by L.Madaro
2018 Graffiare il presente, Casa Testori, Novate Milanese (Italy) curated by G.Frangi D.Capra
About a vase. Archetipo ceramico nell’arte contemporanea, Montelupo Fiorentino IT curated by M. Zauli
Hardest hue to hold, Elsley House, London curated by A. Emelife
Caducità, MIDeC Palazzo Perabò, Cerro di Laveno (Italy) curated by I. Biolchini
2017 Materia Montelupo. Cantieri contemporanei in ceramica, curated by Matteo Zauli
2016 Drawing Biennial II Rimini, curated by M.Paderni, Rimini (Italy)
2015 Drawing Biennial 2015, Drawing Room, London
Hanging by a Thread, curated by Kate Hiley, Le Cabinet Dentaire, Paris
Accadrà domani an ongoing archive of artists’ books selected by G. Magnani, Museum
Marino Marini, Florence (Italy)
2014 Everything is about to happen, Corvi-Mora, Greengrassi gallery, London/ArtistsSpace New York
Visioni per un inventario una mappa del navegar pittoresco, Foundation Bevilacqua la Masa,Venice
S. Arancio, A. Guidato, A. Roma, MK Search Art, San Giovanni Valdarno, (Italy)
2013 Drawing Biennial, Drawing Room, London
Versus, Velan Center, curated by F.Referza, Turin, (Italy)
2012 Estate, Marianne Boesky gallery, curated by L Fontaine, New York
Never before a girl done so much with so little, The Suburbans curated by L. Fontaine, Chicago
Lacune,Archaeological Museum Eno Bellis, curated by L. Lanteri Oderzo (Tv), Italy
2011 Partita a quattro una riflessione sulla scultura, Gallery Lorcan O’neill, curated by L. Pratesi, Rome
2010 Impresa pittura, International Center for Contemporary Art, curated by R. Gavarro,
Gennazzano, Rome, Italy
Route tournante en sous –bois, Uploand Art Project, Trento , Italy
2009 Unreachable is just close enough, Galerie Alexandra Saheb, Berlin
Snooze, Scaramouche c/o Fruti and Flower Deli curated by M. Antonini, New York, NY
Prague Biennial 4, Expanded Painting, curated by E. Kontova and G.Politi
2008 Il rimedio perfetto, Gallery Riccardo Crespi, Milan, curated by M. Tagliaferro
2007 IV International Painting Prize, Museo de Belles Artes de Castellon, E
Scuola di Pittura, curated by O.Berlanda e G.MOntesano, galleria Civica di Trento
Expanded Painting, Prague Biennial 3, curated by E. Kontova and G.Politi
Italia 1980-2007.Tendenze della ricerca contemporanea, Vietnam National Fine artMuseum, Hanoi, Vietnam
2006 La giovini Italia, Pinacoteca Nazionale, Bologna, curated by R. Barilli